Have You Protected Your Computer From Botnet Attack? – If No, Follow The Semalt Tips

Nik Chaykovskiy, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, says that botnets consist of networks of "zombie computers," which is often infected by a malware and controlled by a remote host. In these cases, an online fraudster launches commands like sending spam or attacking other computers. A bot is a malicious software which can be able to send and receive information from a unique remote Command and Control (C&C) server. This robot can be used by people with malicious intentions to cause harm and injury to their victims. In the past, bots have been associated with many cyber-crimes such as DDoS attacks. People who have commercial websites are familiar with some white hat bots. For instance, Google, Yahoo, and Bing use bots as web crawlers to go to websites and fetch important website information.

What a botnet is

A single bot forms the functional unit of a botnet. A bot is a simple program whose code allows it to execute commands from a remote host. The bot has to find its way in a disguised manner to the computer. From here, the bot needs to communicate to a Command and Control remote server. The attacker will then be using a client program to launch attacks on this network of botnets.

Once the app is coded, some black hat digital means propagate it to the victims. Major botnet scams attack more than 20,000 computers. The attackers use tricks to make people install their malware on their computers. For instance, people might decide to send spam emails to their clients. These emails may contain harmful and phishing links. Other people might send attachments containing malware and Trojans. These attacks target the end user of the computer, who is the vulnerable victim.

The bots have to remain in a unified control system These bots communicate to each other following the methods like:

  • Peer to peer. These bots communicate and send commands to each other. However, the bot-master can still control the overall communication within the bot scheme.
  • C&C to a botnet. This is a vertical form of instruction. The attacker sends commands directly to the network from a C&C server. This is where they perform numerous attacks.
  • Hybrid mode.This the method combines the above techniques.

People can be able to execute numerous botnet attacks with the help of bot network. For instance, some users might start sending spam emails. In the recent past, crimes such as data theft were always the result of botnets activity. For instance, attacked machines compromise the state of internet security. Users who store sensitive data on their computers risk losing it all to hackers. For example, credit card theft, financial information theft, and loss of login credentials.


It is essential to learn how to block botnet attacks. In most cases, botnets begin with simple malware programs which come into a person's computer without their knowledge. In all these cases, awareness can improve the state of cybersecurity. The government can be able to make citizens stay safe from cyber-criminals.

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